Manuals, operating instructions, programming instructions, contracts,
websites and texts of all kinds: we select the ideal translator for your
project depending on the topic and the subject area. Your contact person
stays in close touch with you, sorting out any questions which arise
directly, in a straightforward manner.

Certified translations
At voxlingua, certifications and translations requiring certification are
dealt with only by translators who have been sworn or authorised before
a court. You can rely on our absolute discretion; we treat your documents
confidentially in accordance with the law on data protection. voxlingua
offers you reliable translations of certificates, contracts, references and
other documents.

Terminology database
A consistent terminology is extremely important both in corporate com-
munication and in legal or technical documents. When required we can
create a database of important terms and definitions based on previous
translations to ensure that these terms are used uniformly.
We translate into and out of the following languages:

Chinese       English         French
Italian           Japanese     Dutch
Polish          Russian        Swedish      Spanish

Other Languages on request

Specialist fields
You can always rely upon voxlingua for professional, sound translations.
Our particular specialisation is translating difficult, complex topics in the
fields of: :

Plant and equipment construction, mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Medical technology and biotechnology
Public relations work; websites, leaflets, brochures
Law: patents, contracts, lawyers' correspondence
Ecotechnology and energy management