Who we are
In these times of globalisation it is becoming ever more important
to speak the language of your customers and business partners.
In international circles that makes us just the right partner.

The voxlingua team consists entirely of qualified translators and
interpreters with years of professional experience. Knowing a country's
characteristic cultural background plays a decisive role in creating a
good translation. For this reason, all our team are native speakers or
have lived a long time in the country in question.

For many years now, voxlingua has specialised in the fields of law and
technology, offering polished translations and interpreting services in a
selection of ten national languages..

voxlingua – we speak your language


What we offer you
We offer translations which are not just “good enough” but excellent –
for your specific needs! We stand out for our punctual deliveries and
close contact to our customers, making every job a project in its own
right. Thanks to our translators' in-depth experience, we can deliver an
outstanding translation however complicated the subject matter.